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Spiritual Note - Top ten myths in the War against Libya

Ed. 331 - October 21, 2011 - Dhul-Qadah 24, 1432Spiritual Note

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Tien mythes over de oorlog tegen Libië

Bij elke oorlog is de waarheid het eerste slachtoffer. De leugens om de invasie in Irak of Afghanistan zijn genoegzaam bekend. Bij de recente oorlog tegen Libië werden opnieuw heel wat mythes verspreid om de publieke opinie mee te krijgen.

Er is daarover al heel wat geschreven. Hier zetten we nog eens de voornaamste mythes (leugens) op een rij in de hoop dat we bij een volgende gelegenheid tweemaal nadenken vooraleer ten strijde te trekken. We baseren ons daarbij op onverdachte bronnen.

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The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya

Since Colonel Gaddafi has lost his military hold in the war against NATO and the insurgents/rebels/new regime, numerous talking heads have taken to celebrating this war as a “success”. They believe this is a “victory of the Libyan people” and that we should all be celebrating. Others proclaim victory for the “responsibility to protect,” for “humanitarian interventionism,” and condemn the “anti-imperialist left”. Some of those who claim to be “revolutionaries,” or believe they support the “Arab revolution,” somehow find it possible to sideline NATO’s role in the war, instead extolling the democratic virtues of the insurgents, glorifying their martyrdom, and magnifying their role until everything else is pushed from view. I wish to dissent from this circle of acclamation, and remind readers of the role of ideologically-motivated fabrications of “truth” that were used to justify, enable, enhance, and motivate the war against Libya—and to emphasize how damaging the practical effects of those myths have been to Libyans, and to all those who favoured peaceful, non-militarist solutions.

These top ten myths are some of the most repeated claims, by the insurgents, and/or by NATO, European leaders, the Obama administration, the mainstream media, and even the so-called “International Criminal Court”—the main actors speaking in the war against Libya. In turn, we look at some of the reasons why these claims are better seen as imperial folklore, as the myths that supported the broadest of all myths—that this war is a “humanitarian intervention,” one designed to “protect civilians”. Again, the importance of these myths lies in their wide reproduction, with little question, and to deadly effect. In addition, they threaten to severely distort the ideals of human rights and their future invocation, as well aiding in the continued militarization of Western culture and society.

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